Hollywood comes to Orem at Orchard Park Rehab

Hollywood comes to Orem at Orchard Park Rehab

Five giant movie trucks and trailers took over the parking lot on 300 North in Orem on Aug. 11 as an entire film cast and production crew borrowed a portion of Orchard Park Post-Acute Rehab to film scenes for an upcoming movie, "Waffle Street." An unusual addition of people added to a rehabilitative environment proved to be a fun day for staff and residents with friendly bodyguards posted at every entrance.

Starring James Lafferty and Danny Glover, "Waffle Street" is based on the memoirs of James Adams -- published by Sourced Media Books -- and portrays the true story of a former Wall Street businessman who learns life lessons while working in a waffle shop. The film crew used a private room near the foyer of the facility to film a scene in a hospital-style room. It was the first time author James Adams met the man playing him in the movie, former "One Tree Hill" star James Lafferty.

“My wife would have selected him,” Adams said in an interview with Good Things Utah.



Orchard Park Post-Acute Rehab, a 5-Star Medicare-rated facility located in Orem, has nearly 90 private and semi-private beds available for patients. With state-of-the-art rehabilitation and therapy rooms, a full dining room and kitchen, and multiple offices and boardrooms, it is no surprise to some that the Hollywood crew chose Orchard Park to film the day.

The film crew interacted with curious patients that came by to see what was going on.

“One of our patients wheeled herself into a room we had designated for the film crew and entertained the production team the whole day. They laughed and joked with her, and everyone had a great time,” said Orchard Park Post-Acute Rehab Administrator Jeremy Meldrum.

Witnessing the behind-the-scenes action of making a movie within the facility was quite a change to the normal scene of the rehab center. The film crew was very cooperative with the facility staff and stayed quiet and cognizant of patients recuperating down the halls.

“Everyone was so friendly and polite — even the bodyguards opened the doors for those entering and exiting the facility. The film crew put on wigs and joked with the Orchard Park Staff,” said Marcie Parmley, Community Relations Director at Orchard Park.

"Waffle Street" has many ties to the Provo area. Not only is much of the filming located around Utah Valley, but the producer of the movie, Autumn McEwen McAlpin, is a BYU grad.