Electronic health records helping doctors provide better care?

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If you walk into any Central Utah Clinic, you'll see physicians and staff using electronic health records, or EHRs. Instead of the paper charts of yesterday, doctors are analyzing your health data on an iPad or computer screen. Central Utah Clinic, the largest independent physician group in the state of Utah, served 411,000 patients last year using this system and has received numerous national awards for the successful implementation of EHRs.

But a Feb. 10 study in "Medical Economics" revealed that many physicians nationwide are frustrated with the cost, functionality and resources needed to operate EHRs -- with 45 percent of doctors indicating that the patient care is worse.


What is Obamacare, really?

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In 2010, the federal government approved a hotly contested law aimed to increase the number of Americans with health insurance and decrease the cost of health care in America. As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), known colloquially as “Obamacare,” financial assistance is available to help some individuals and small businesses pay for their health insurance.

There has been so much controversy surrounding the act that sometimes the basics become blurred. So Amy sat down with Toni Dixon, an expert on the Affordable Healthcare Act, who explained the basics in layman’s terms. Here are the important take-home points.